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We are dedicated to promoting nutrition and well-being.

ENOVA FOODS S.A. is a multi-brand food and beverage industry with distribution throughout Brazil and international markets. Established in 2014 through the collaboration of Agtal and Casadoce, we embody the philosophy of quality and innovation. Our purpose is to facilitate and inspire people to lead better lives with food and beverages tailored to different consumer profiles at every stage of life.

We operate across segments, offering a diverse range from powdered drinks, peanuts, and nut snacks to a comprehensive wellness line, including healthy snacks, gluten-free and lactose-free pastas and ingredients. Additionally, we provide a line of dietary products such as liquid and powdered tabletop sweeteners, oven and stove sweeteners, and diet chocolate drinks.

Our portfolio comprises specific brands for each segment, allowing us to connect uniquely and personally with our consumers based on their profiles and purchasing desires. These brands include: Ki-Suco, Glup, Promix, Agtal, Enjoy Snacks, Tivva, Monama, Assugrin, Tal e Qual, Doce Menor, and Gold Premium Sweet.

Our vision is to be a key player in the food and beverage market, acknowledged for delivering quality and innovative products. We achieve this by working with a portfolio of high-quality products, expanding our presence in sales points with competent teams, pursuing aggressive growth, and ensuring satisfaction among consumers, customers, and suppliers.

We ensure that our products are crafted with the care and attention people deserve. For these reasons, our brands are synonymous with quality, success, and acceptance. Manufactured with advanced production techniques and stringent quality control, our products use the best ingredients and align with major market trends and consumer desires.

For Consumers: Those who try our products confirm their quality.
For Resellers: Those who resell recognize the competence of our professionals and commercial representatives.
For Retailers: Those who sell our products perceive value, profitability, and a responsible, committed company.
For those unfamiliar with Enova Foods, prepare to be surprised.

Our History

  • timeline-01__casadoce


    The investment fund Alothon Group acquires the food segment business unit of Grupo Cerradinho, Casadoce Indústria e Comércio S.A., a powdered drinks producer located in Catanduva, São Paulo.

  • timeline-02__agtal


    Agtal introduces the market's first bar made with Brazilian nuts! Specializing in nut and peanut snacks, the brand unveils an innovative and highly nutritious product: Mixed Nuts nut bars.

  • timeline-03__enova


    Enova Foods is established through a merger between Casadoce and the Rio de Janeiro-based nut and peanut snack industry Agtal, creating the Enova Foods S.A. group.a

  • timeline-04__enjoy


    Enjoy becomes a category reference and the best-selling nut bar in Brazil. Recognizing the tremendous potential of nut bars, which were part of Agtal's portfolio, Enova Foods' management launches the specialist brand in nut bars: Enjoy Snacks, amidst a phase of expansion and capital growth.

  • timeline-05__monama


    Enova undergoes another phase of structural and capital expansion under new management through the investment fund Order VC. Additionally, it adds two pioneering brands in the clean label functional food segment to its portfolio, namely Tivva and Monama.

  • timeline-06__kisuco


    Staying attuned to movements in the food and beverage industries, the presidency integrates the iconic Ki-Suco, synonymous with the powdered drink category, into the Enova Foods brand conglomerate. The strategic move aims to evoke the emotional memory of consumers with flavors that were part of the childhood of many Brazilians.

  • timeline-07__assugrin


    Enova enters another phase of acquisitions, this time diversifying its portfolio with the addition of a new category of products. The company acquires four brands of sweeteners and dietary products with significant relevance in retail and recognition among consumers: Assugrin, Tal e Qual Forno e Fogão, Doce Menor, and Gold Premium Sweet.